Worth knowing

Here you will find out everything important about the effect of eye pillows,
about the ingredients of the inlays
and many interesting aspects about sleep itself.

    Sleep - Sleep hygiene - Sleep phases - Melatonin
Effect - Lavender - Rock crystal - Rice

The structure of eye pillows

All eye pillows of the manufactory consist of two parts: the cover and the inlay. Both have
their specific tasks and contribute to creating a pleasant feeling and optimal effect.   

Cover                               and                               inlay

The inlay

We offer you different fillings for your inlay:
Inlay with rice.
Inlay with rice and mountain crystal.
Inlay with rice, rock crystal and lavender.

All ingredients have an interesting history, specific effects and properties. You can find out more information about them under the individual headings.

The cover

...protects the inlay and ensures a long durability.
...contributes to the darkening and thus supports the trouble-free falling asleep.
...adapts to your contours so that the eye cushion feels comfortable


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