Eye pillows are a valuable help for a restful sleep!

An eye pillow ensures a quick fall asleep and a restful sleep.
It provides darkness and gives a feeling of security.
If you have chosen an inlay with lavender, its pleasant, light scent will help you to relax and calm down.
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Your individual eye pillow

 In the store you can create an eye pillow according to your taste.
Choose your favorite among the covers and combine it with one of three different inlays.

Now you have your very own eye pillow.

The Manufacture

The eye pillow manufactory is located in Switzerland.
In small series, all eye pillows are made by hand. From the choice of fabric to the filling of the inlays to the final product, every step is done with great care.
This way we make sure that you will enjoy your eye pillow for a long time.

Things to know



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